Troy Planet 

"As a brand voice for Red Bull in Australia since it's inception, I have provided the vocal 'wings' to many of these distincitve animated ads that have changed the course of energy drink and advertising history!"

To see some of the archive of Troy's work with
Red Bull over years click the FLYING PLANET link, top left!

Can you pick which 11 classic
Red Bull ads have Troy's voice?

Red Bull is a such a highly dynamic, intelligent company to work with. It has been a fascinating journey making a humble creative contribution to their collossal international story that has expanded so far beyond that
now famous can of super energy drink!!!"

"Enjoy 'Beethoven' one of my favourites."


Troy Planet is one of Australia's most prolific, creative, voice acting talents. His wide range of  work in the past 20 years includes clients like Red Bull, McDonalds, Aldi, Toshiba, Coca Cola, Bankwest, Strepsils, SEGA, SONY, NEWSCORP, TABCORP, NRL, ARU, AFL, Heineken, Bundaberg Rum, Jim Beam, Tooheys, Volkswagen, Volvo, Holden, Mercedes, Mortein, Raid, Commbank, Westpac, Telstra, FLICKERFEST, Virgin, Vodaphone, Ingogo, Oovie, Woolworths, NYE, Discovery Science, American Express, 
Big W, Discovery Channel, Channel 7, Sixty Minutes, Tropfest, VIVID SYDNEY, Nickelodeon, ASX, NOVA, TripleMMM, 2dayFM, Smooth FM, 2GB, 2UE, the list goes on, as well as having provided character voices for hundreds of episodes of animated cartoons with many characters in shows like Bananas in Pyjamas, Flipper, Raggs, Tabaluga, Old Tom and Blinky Bill to name just some of the exciting brands Troy has worked with over the years.

Some of Troy's 
Red Bull Ads from the FLYING PLANET link, top left!
Doggyflap, Dental Floss, Bandit, Beethoven, Fortune Teller, Island, Outback, Boat Race... Can you guess the rest? Have a look! :)

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